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Skyline Louvre Roof System


Unparalleled Design and Versatility

Skyline Louvre Roof System offers a unique solution to harness the power of natural ventilation. Its adjustable blades allow you to control the airflow and optimise the amount of fresh air entering your space. Say goodbye to stuffy rooms and hello to a refreshing atmosphere.

With its elegant and modern design, Skyline Louvre Roof System effortlessly blends with any architectural style. Whether you have a contemporary home, a commercial building, or a traditional establishment, our louvre system complements and enhances the aesthetics of your space. It's a statement piece that combines form and function flawlessly


Key Features

  • Modern and sleek design

  • Construct with high tensile commercial grade Aluminium, with larger profile and thicker aluminium provides a long lasting structure

  • Freestanding or attach to building

  • Motorised

  • Buit-in guttering system

  • Built-in LED light available

  • Louvre blades can be opened to 120 degree - catching sunlight from all directions

  • Double layered louvre blade design prevents the blade from twisting overtime which otherwise might lead to potential leaking in the future

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